what is the shape of the head of the parrot?

A) Small/p>

B) Oval

C) Curved

D) Round

Correct Answer D

What special ability does a parrot have?

A) Chatter quite a lot/p>

B) Move in flocks

C) Imitate sound

D) Accept captivity

Correct Answer C

Paris is famous for?

A) Eiffel tower/p>

B) White house

C) Pyramid

D) Tajmahal

Correct Answer A

320 meters mean?

A) 1000ft/p>

B) 1500ft

C) 1050ft

D) 2000ft

Correct Answer C

The tower was named after?

A) Michael angelo/p>

B) Leanardo vinci

C) Gustave eiffel

D) A franchise king

Correct Answer C

Which is the highest level of the tower?

A) First/p>

B) Second

C) Third

D) Fourth

Correct Answer C

What is the another name of Ahsan monjil?

A) Splendid museum/p>

B) Residence of the nawabs

C) The pink palace

D) Stately building

Correct Answer C

Ahsan monjil named after?

A) Nawab abdul gani/p>

B) Khaza ahsanullah

C) None of them

D) Both of them

Correct Answer B

Where is river Buriganga?

A) In Rajshahi/p>

B) In sonargaon

C) In Dhaka

D) None of them

Correct Answer C

Now Ahsan monjil is being used as a?

A) Palace/p>

B) Museum

C) Court

D) Market

Correct Answer A

Shah abdul karim birth place was in?

A) Dhaka/p>

B) Barishal

C) Sunamganj

D) Sylhet

Correct Answer C

The first war of independence was held in?

A) 1670/p>

B) 1757

C) 1857

D) 1972

Correct Answer C

What does pari bibi mean?

A) A girl like fairy/p>

B) A fairys girl

C) A fairy lady

D) All of them

Correct Answer C

Lalbagh fort was built by?

A) Pari bibi/p>

B) Shaista khan

C) Aurangazeb

D) Prince mohammad azam

Correct Answer D

I came to see him off. Here the 'see off' is similar to?

A) Welcome/p>

B) Receive

C) Say good bye

D) Perceive

Correct Answer C

It was very crowded in the Station. Here the 'crowded' means?

A) Empty/p>

B) Vacant

C) Congested

D) Desolate

Correct Answer C

The Womenwas holding the child tightly?

A) By the neck/p>

B) By the leg

C) By the arm

D) By the hand

Correct Answer D

Sajjads elder sister lives in?

A) Khulna/p>

B) Dhaka

C) Chittagong

D) Rangpur

Correct Answer B