He worked instead of_

A) playing/p>

B) plays

C) played

D) none

Correct Answer A

The cow is _ useful animal.

A) a/p>

B) an

C) the

D) no article

Correct Answer A

I made the machine -

A) work/p>

B) working

C) to work

D) worked

Correct Answer A

parts of speech কত প্রকার??

A) ২/p>

B) ৪

C) ৮

D) ৭

Correct Answer C

The phrase "stand out" mean....

A) to sit properlu/p>

B) to kick out

C) to be noticeable by being exceptional

D) to stand crect

Correct Answer C

The idiom "a hot potato" means

A) a current issue/p>

B) a potato just baked

C) a burnt potato

D) an old issue

Correct Answer A

The synonym of "passive" is

A) Active/p>

B) Alert

C) Playful

D) Inert

Correct Answer D