A) A/p>

B) B

C) C

D) D

Correct Answer A

The word ‘cuisine’ in line 1 of the text means-

A) a style of cooking/p>

B) a special kind of food

C) cooking spicy dishes

D) a combination of different dishes

Correct Answer A

The words ‘appetizing food’ in line 1 of the text mean-

A) expensive food/p>

B) food that makes you feel hungry

C) food that is cooked with spices

D) food that has good nutritional value

Correct Answer B

The word ‘platter’ in line 8 of the text means-

A) a large plate to serve food/p>

B) a meal served on a large plate

C) a dish with a variety of food items on it

D) all of the above

Correct Answer D

The main source of protein for Bangladeshi people is-

A) boiled rice/p>

B) lentil soup

C) fish

D) meat

Correct Answer C

Panta bhat is usually served with-

A) dried fish/p>

B) green chili and onion

C) hilsha

D) all of the above

Correct Answer D

Panta-ilish is eaten with much festivity-

A) throughout the year/p>

B) to the wedding guests

C) on a special day

D) in winter

Correct Answer C

A popular food item in winter is

A) lentil soup/p>

B) pitha

C) panta bhat

D) dried fish

Correct Answer B